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Learning games to play with your children to develop the skills they need to succeed at school and in life.

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How it works

EasyPeasy delivers fun, timely, educational, and easy to play games, straight into your hands.

Watch and learn from real families like yours

Find the right level of challenge for your child's stage of development

Build a picture of your child's learning journey

EasyPeasy app

Our games align to the UK's play-based early years curriculum, taught in nursery and reception classes across the country

Celebrate time spent together with your child

We'll help you take advantage of moments to learn through play, every day

How we know it works

Loved by families. Tested by experts. Built by our community.

EasyPeasy is built by our community of playful parents.

Research from the University of Oxford shows that playing EasyPeasy with your child significantly improves their development.

All of our games and activities have passed a strict smile quota!

Our Community

“EasyPeasy was a simple and easy to use app. The whole family enjoyed the activities and each game helped my son to join in and have a go. There are some favourites that we will be using for years to come!”

Katie Boyd


“We have two favourite games that we love to play. On the way to school we play “Category Clap” and then when we’re in the car — we play “Opposites”. EasyPeasy fits in with our routine and we can play anywhere we choose to!”

Trevor Carpenter


“Kadie absolutely loved this activity her favourite so far, she compared herself to Ringo Starr who she has been recently learning about. Kadie showed high levels of energy and fascination from beginning to the end of this activity!”

Leanne Mckenzie


“We had fun walking through the woods playing the candlestick game today. Even mummy had a turn!”

Joanne Kennedy


Getting Started?

Our games are designed by experts to maximise opportunities to learn through play across key areas: Arts, Communication, Numbers, Personal & Social, Physical, Words and World.

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Our Partners

We work in partnerships with charities, businesses, government, schools and nurseries who want to support families to learn through play and make a big impact in early years.


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