EasyPeasy for Local Authorities

An integrated digital solution for the early years supporting the development and delivery of Family Hubs, Start for Life, and Healthy Child programmes in your area.

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bridging the gap in school readiness across 194,000+ families nationwide since 2017

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How EasyPeasy enhances local family support programmes

Every child deserves the best start in life. EasyPeasy’s evidence-based, integrated, and scalable support programme is proven to enhance early years development from birth to age 5, improve the home learning environment, and close the gap in school readiness amongst children in communities across the UK. 

In our mission to support babies, children, families, and early years practitioners and carers nationwide to lay the foundations for a happy and healthy life, EasyPeasy is proud to partner with councils to enhance the development and delivery of integrated, local early years delivery plans and strategies. Reaching an average of 10% of young families in a local area in the first year of our partnerships, we can help you connect with the voice of parents and children in your community and drive impact from day one.

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On demand parenting programmes and digital resources for all families

Our app-based parenting programme for parents, carers, and practitioners of children from birth to age 5 is designed with early years experts to inspire simple, positive interactions at home or in settings, improve family dynamics, and support child development.

In partnering with local authorities, premium access to the app is made free for your entire community. EasyPeasy supports over 100 languages, so it is accessible to diverse communities and those whose first or preferred language is not English.

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ComplEmenting an integrated and localised support strategy

We recognise each local authority area has different local population needs and priorities to consider. That’s why we work with councils individually to build a package of support tailored to the specific needs of your community. 

EasyPeasy can be introduced as a universal, holistic programme to all families, or as a targeted programme of intervention with those most in need of support, such as children in care settings, local cohorts, new parents, or as part of your referral pathways.

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The information and support families need, when they need it

Families using the EasyPeasy app can access relevant family information services content including nutrition and weight management, stopping smoking, oral hygiene, and mental health support. Content can be tailored to your local area and priorities, amplifying awareness of your community services and support. 

The app also includes a peer-to-peer space where parents, carers, and practitioners can connect with each other through sharing ideas and experiences in a safe, monitored, and quality-assured online space.

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Helping to build an empowered early years workforce

EasyPeasy integrates with local health and education networks including health visitors, midwives, nurseries, primary schools, children's centres, and more to provide your community teams with expert resources and tips relevant to a range of early years settings.

We also offer an online training programme for practitioners from multiple disciplines, providing teams with additional guidance, best practice, and advice to achieve home learning environment outcomes and drive impact for children and families in their professional settings.

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A bridge to hard-to-reach communities to achieve impact and positive outcomes

We know how hard it is to reach families, so our friendly team are on hand to support you in achieving impact. Our experts craft optimised awareness and reach campaigns to put EasyPeasy in the hands of hard-to-reach communities.

Once you are onboard with us, we will also share resource packs, awareness materials, and support the implementation of EasyPeasy in your community both digitally and via your physical settings and Family Hubs centres.

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Expert content and advice that families can trust

EasyPeasy's evidence-based content is mapped to ages and stages; improving children’s mental health and wellbeing, self-regulation, language and communication skills, and enhancing school readiness and achievement.

Our AI-powered content recommendation engine learns and grows with each parent and child over time to provide a personalised family experience, and we are proud that 97% of parents say they plan to continue to use the EasyPeasy app.

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Data on impact and outcomes at your fingertips

Your dedicated local authority dashboard allows you to easily track and monitor outreach and impact, with real-time data on take-up amongst children and families, engagement with content, geographic breakdown, and numbers of reach-to-families in low-income households that are engaging with EasyPeasy in your area. Feedback and satisfaction from parents and families will be regularly gathered from surveys and shared for additional insights, and can help you to uncover local support needs and build your understanding of take up and satisfaction of local services.

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A sustainable, cost-saving solution for your early years programme

Reduce referrals and waiting lists for specialist support by improving the home learning environment and building parent’s understanding of child development. Ensure children are arriving to school ready to learn, reducing behavioural challenges in the classroom, and improving attendance. Support play and learning at home without the expense of in-person home visits, or target your home visit budget on families most in need using EasyPeasy as a universal provision. According to the EIF, "the EasyPeasy programme has a low cost to set up and deliver compared with other interventions."

Proven impact, evidence base, and evaluation

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86% of EasyPeasy parents in Cornwall say that since using the EasyPeasy app, they feel they are making a difference in their child’s behaviour.

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88% of EasyPeasy parents in Barnsley say they know more about what they can do to help their child develop their speech, language, and communication skills.

Read the case study
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98% of parents and carers in Coventry who have downloaded and used the EasyPeasy app say that they will continue using the service for their children.

Read the case study

Partner with EasyPeasy for your local area

If you would like to find out more about EasyPeasy and how we can support your local early years strategies and programmes, you can download a commissioning guide by filling in the form below. Want to chat with one of the team and get a proposal for your local authority? Get in touch to book a call today!

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