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Work with us to deliver the EasyPeasy app to families in your community.

Our Delivery Partners


An evidence-based app proven to support family wellbeing and children's attainment

EasyPeasy is designed with experts to inspire simple, positive interactions at home to improve family dynamics and support child-development.

Learn how we are supporting delivery across the country through the government's Family Hubs and Start for Life strategy.

Coventry City Council

Coventry Local Authority entered into a partnership with EasyPeasy in 2022. EasyPeasy is being freely distributed to parents and caregivers across the local area as part of Coventry's universal parent support offer.

The partnership is supporting families and early years providers. Local healthcare pathways, speech and language services, and children's centres are all collaborating to ensure the app-based parenting programme is available to thousands of families across the area.

“We love this app, made a massive difference to play in our home, great ideas and easy to try out. Love it!”

- Coventry parent

‍“All those skills children need for school really come through on the activities and games on the EasyPeasy app.”

-Tracy Fardell, ECP Bedford Children's Centres

Department for Education, UK

Through the Early Years Social Mobility programme , we have delivered the EasyPeasy app to over 30,000 families across the UK since 2018 and are expanding the programme further in 2023.

The partnership involves distributing free access to the EasyPeasy app for families through health and education networks including health visitors and midwives, as well as nursery, primary schools, and children's centres.

Supporting healthcare and educational professionals

Simple invitations

Share a link with parents to get them on board. Once registered they will have premium access to the EasyPeasy app on their phone.

Data & analytics

Easily track and monitor your outreach efforts by seeing data on take up, engagement and reach to families in low income households.

Tailored messaging

Speak to us about creating a bespoke communications schedule to share localised updates with your parent community.

Ages & Stages

Share thousands of tips and activity ideas with your parent community, covering all ages and stages of development, from 0-5.


Speak to us to learn more about independent evaluations of the EasyPeasy app conducted by the University of Oxford.

Parent tested, child approved

Hundreds of thousands of families have learned through play with EasyPeasy, and we are constantly improving the app through continuous feedback loops with our community.


EasyPeasy is EasyPeasy health content has been accredited by the Patient Information Forum and awarded the PIF TICK. This is the only UK quality mark for trustworthy health information and reflects our rigorous production processes for developing health and child development information at EasyPeasy. 

Our team has been through a comprehensive review process in order to qualify for the PIF TICK. We’ve been assessed against 10 key criteria points which include; clear need, impact, evidence and comprehensive production process. 

Content on the EasyPeasy app that bears the PIF TICK is evidence-based and produced to the highest standards. It’s a quick and simple way for our community to feel assured that information found on the app is reliable and trustworthy. Read more here.  with experts to inspire simple, positive interactions at home to improve family dynamics and support child-development. Download these document to find out more.