Boost this year's Good Level of Development

Support your families with EYFS-aligned activities to play at home and in the classroom.

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Getting started

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Invite Your Parents

Register parents via their mobiles - either pay for them or invite them to pay

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Bolster Your Provision

Enable the whole team to use evidence-based activities

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Improve Your Outcomes

Engage parents in home learning and increase children's development

How it works

EasyPeasy is proven to help parents spend more quality time playing with their child at home, so children arrive at school better prepared and ready to learn.

Our Practitioners

Our Education Partners

We are proud to work with our many partners across education, childcare, local and central government to give all children the best start in life.

Department for Education
University of Oxford
Education Endowment Foundation
The Sutton Trust
Emerge Education
National Literacy Trust
Coventry City Council
Durham Country Council
Suffolf Country Council
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