Transforming Lives Together in 2023

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2023 has revealed the extent of the pressing challenges facing our young children in the aftermath of the pandemic. We know the gap in school readiness has risen, and particularly for children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, with 99% of reception teachers reporting having at least one child in their class who is unable to hold a pencil, listen and respond to simple instructions, or share with their peers.* 

At EasyPeasy, we recognise the importance of parent-child relationships in the early years and the special importance of the home environment in shaping children’s outcomes. We’re committed to transforming the landscape of early childhood development through our mission to support parents to give their children the best possible start in life. We know we can’t achieve our mission alone and that’s why we work through
local partnerships to effectively reach families across the country.

Together we’ve built our evidence base

This year, the Education Endowment Foundation published EasyPeasy’s strongest evaluation to date, showing the positive long-term impact of EasyPeasy on helping achieve a Good Level of Development. The longitudinal study was conducted in collaboration with eight local authority partners stretching across four years from 2019-2023 and with over 1,200 children and their families participating.** The results are a testament to what can be achieved through combining the power of human-centred design and scalable technology. Building on this powerful evidence base, we are proud to share our collective impact across 2023, through partnership delivery with an increasing number of local authorities covering every major region.

We reached families across the country

A graphic which tells the user that 34,211 children have been support by EasyPeasy in 2023
Graphic saying 16,960 families registering to EasyPeasy.

EasyPeasy families are growing in confidence…

A graphic quote saying "Having more ideas to try has given me and my partner more confidence, and has led to us making more time and having more energy for playtimes."
Graphic saying 96% feel empowered to make a significant difference in their child's development
A lady in a yellow top and black jean is drinking a cup of tea and looking at her mobile phone while sitting on her sofa.

building their knowledge…

A quote from a parent saying "It's very useful. EasyPeasy helps me know what to do in certain situations and is going to help me set a routine"
Graphic saying 81% are more knowledgeable about supporting their child's communication, social, and emotional skills
Graphic quote saying "I can see my daughter loves the games we play from EasyPeasy. I see how these work with the activities her reception teacher is asking us to do at home, helping with her skills development."

…and spreading the word in their communities

Graphic saying 97% of parents plan to continue using EasyPeasy.  Graphic saying 97% of practitioners would recommend EasyPeasy to a friend or colleague.

We can’t wait to keep growing our impact together in 2024. Thank you for being a part of our community!

*2022 School Readiness Survey, Kindred Squared (2023)
** Camden Council, Islington Council, City of Doncaster Council, Durham County Council, Bedford Borough Council, Luton Borough Council, Oldham Council, Knowsley Council
*** EasyPeasy’s Parent Impact Survey 2023, n=846