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The strength of community is vital when it comes to empowering parents during the critical first five years of their child's life. Whether that community is in person or online, parents need to discuss their experiences with their peers in order to learn more about their child’s development and journey. Here, we’ll share stories and insights we’ve learned from parents working together or collaborating with their local authorities to impact the lives of their peers and children.

Learning through Play: How Lego Employees are Volunteering Their Time with EasyPeasy to Support Children’s School Readiness

We’ve been delighted to partner with Lego’s Social Impact & Partnership Team to leverage the creative skills and playful mindsets of Lego employees to support EasyPeasy families. In a first workshop of its kind, we set Lego employees a ‘Create Challenge’ using the content creation functionality within the EasyPeasy app to generate activity ideas to support key school readiness skills for young children. Read more

Listening to user feedback: Introducing the new EasyPeasy home screen!

When creating any product, considering and acting on user feedback is incredibly important. We’re always working on the EasyPeasy app to make sure that our users have the best experience, and can use the app to make their everyday life a little bit easier.  Read more

How EasyPeasy is helping boys make additional progress in Language and Communication

Children in England are assessed at the end of Reception year to see if they’ve achieved a ‘good level of development’ (GLD) across seven prime areas of learning. These Early Years Foundation Stage profiles provide a key national indicator for how well prepared young children are for school and fluctuate considerably across geographies and demographics... Read more

The Power of supporting parents through community

But it’s not just about bringing parents together; Parent Meetups are about providing opportunities for innovative and creative projects and empowering communities. By showcasing the inspiring story of the Stone Soup Group, one of our first Parent Meetup groups, we hope to demonstrate how Parent Meetup groups can make a positive impact in your community.. Read more

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