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What is EasyPeasy?

EasyPeasy is a user-friendly, app-based parenting programme for parents and carers of children from birth to five that improves the Home Learning Environment (HLE) and developmental outcomes. The programme can be delivered as an early intervention strategy, a universal or a targeted selected programme. It is primarily delivered in the home of the family and used independently, but can also be integrated into early years settings.

How can EasyPeasy help me deliver my Family Hubs Workstreams?

We can support you to deliver a holistic early years Parent Support and Home Learning Environment service in your local area, through a digital and training offer that is designed around the needs of the family. We can help you achieve the Department for Education’s Minimum Requirements and Go Further Options across many of the six key areas to support participating Local Authorities. You can read more about our Family Hubs offer here.

What evidence is there to support EasyPeasy?

The EasyPeasy app has been independently tested by the Education Endowment Foundation, University of Durham, and University of Oxford and has been shown to have a positive impact on children’s Good Level of Development at the end of reception, as well as parent’s wellbeing, children’s cognitive, social and emotional development. The app’s design is based on evidence showing that early child development is fueled by real-world interactions between parent and child.The Early Intervention Foundation has included EasyPeasy in their office commissioning Guidebook. They state “the EasyPeasy programme has evidence of enhancing school achievement for children, and supporting positive outcomes for couples, parents, and families. The programme has a low cost to set up and deliver, compared with other interventions reviewed by EIF.”

Is the content safe and how is it developed?

Content is generated by EasyPeasy and approved partners, including Speech & Language UK, Save the Children, the Scouts, and LEGO Foundation and is accredited by PIF Tick, the UK’s health content quality mark. The programme also includes a diverse and inclusive peer-to-peer community, moderated by EasyPeasy. The programme offers parents thousands of activities, tips and guidance covering topics from child development to school readiness to parent wellbeing. EasyPeasy uses AI to recommend content that is relevant and personalised to every parent or carer.

What kind of training and support will be provided to implement the app?

Training is available for early years practitioners and is tailored to the practitioner group. (e.g. health visitors, midwifery, early years teaching staff). Training is delivered virtually and covers the following objectives:
• Understand the importance of early intervention in the early years
• Learn about the crucial role of the home learning environment and positive parent-child interactions in early childhood development
• Understand the benefits of digital support services for parents and practitioners and how they can support relational practices
• Get familiar with the evidence base for EasyPeasy and its impact on improving outcomes for children
• Learn effective strategies to drive uptake of EasyPeasy in the local community and incorporate into relational practices and referral pathways
• Understand how EasyPeasy interacts with parents and carers, and the data it captures
• Get an overview of the EasyPeasy app and its unique features for parents
• Learn about the content of the EasyPeasy programme and its theory of change
• Understand how engagement and retention are crucial to the success of the programme
• Learn how to monitor and measure the impact of EasyPeasy in the local area

How does EasyPeasy use and protect user’s data?

We collect and process personal data from registered users to the EasyPeasy app, as well as practitioners who sign up to our Practitioner Training sessions. Our activities include monitoring of user data, and in some cases it also involves the processing of ‘special-category’ data (i.e. ethnicity) and data concerning vulnerable data subjects (i.e. children’s first names and dates of birth). In some cases, we also combine data from multiple sources (i.e. matching user postcodes to LSOA areas from the ONS Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index). You can view our Data Protection Impact Assessment for further details on how and why we process data as well as about our data protection systems.

Do parents have to pay for the app?

The EasyPeasy app is fully and freely available to parents and carers across a local area through our partnerships and include no advertisements or in-app purchases.

What kind of technical support is available if issues arise during app implementation?

Our support team is available Monday to Friday between 9am - 5pm. You can contact us via support@easypeasyapp.com or via live chat on our website.

How can practitioners register for EasyPeasy practitioner training?

If your organisation has purchased training for practitioners, you can share this sign up link with relevant practitioners in your local health and education system. We offer two training webinars each month and practitioners are able to select their preferred date and time via the link. During registration, practitioners will be prompted to select their Local Authority, allowing us to manage participation and available slots effectively. Training sessions are delivered digitally and last approximately two hours. Practitioners will complete a survey following training to capture feedback on the quality and impact of the session. You can read our full training terms and conditions here.

Does the app involve screen time for children?

The EasyPeasy app involves no screen time for children, but rather helps parents create the playful, positive connections that will help their child grow and thrive, with everyday materials that parents will already have access to at home.

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