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Welcoming the Wellcome Trust!

Jen Lexmond 27 August 2019


We're delighted to share news that EasyPeasy is going to be working with the Wellcome Trust over the next 12 months on an exciting project to expand our provision from supporting families with 2-5 year old children, all the way to birth.

Over the past few years, we've developed EasyPeasy into a platform that helps parents discover, play, create, and share learning games with their children to help them develop the skills they need to succeed in school and life. We started by targeting children in nursery and reception settings. Today, we've supported over 35,000 families across the UK to learn through play on our platform, creating a new home for playful parents and early years practitioners to share ideas and experiences, and support each other at this important stage for children's development.

Engaging with families The Wellcome Trust is supporting EasyPeasy through their Public Engagement Fund, which aims to actively involve the public in understanding health research and contributing to it. It's part of Wellcome's approach to public health: that by improving people's engagement and knowledge of what shapes our health and wellbeing, people will feel more empowered to make better and more healthy choices.

This is the same approach we have at EasyPeasy. We're aware that many parents don’t fully understand the importance of the early years in shaping their children's futures. The reality is that early development opportunities like playing, talking, and reading - most of which occur at home - have a major impact on children's readiness for school, and even predict educational, health, and earnings outcomes into adulthood! EasyPeasy is all about giving parents the ideas and inspiration they need to make the most of these precious first few years.

Let's get creative! We want to go even further to engage our community and that's why through our work with the Wellcome Trust, we're going to be working with a group of health practitioners and families to open up our platform, allowing them to create their own games and activities that we'll host on our platform.

This is part of our larger plan to open up our platform so that our whole community can get engaged not only in discovering, playing, and sharing learning games, but also creating them themselves! We are particularly excited to see the creative force that will be unleashed when we put the power to create games into the hands of parents and children. We know children have an innate ability and drive to play and imagine and we can't wait to see what they come up with!

Learning through play One of the great things about bringing together families as well as health and education professionals on our platform is that it helps ensure that all of the play time generated through EasyPeasy is making that all important impact on children's development and learning outcomes. At EasyPeasy, we've taken our impact very seriously and have been proud to publish research over the summer that shows how EasyPeasy has helped a number of our partner schools achieve impact over and above the national average on Good Level of Development in Language and Communication.

In our work with Wellcome, we will be working closely with a group of experts in neuroscience and early child development including academics and health practitioners. This is all about making sure we are developing a service that parents can trust will help them give their children the best possible start in life. We can't wait to get started!

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