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Learning through play is ‘EasyPeasy’ this summer!

Steph coleman 05 August 2019


It’s time to unlock your creative minds, get back to basics and turn the volume up on the fun dial!

EasyPeasy is the home of playful parents and we’re inviting you to discover, create, play and share learning games with your children and help them develop the skills they need to succeed at school and in life. We want to help families always have something new and exciting to do together over the Summer so our Community Manager, Steph has pulled together ways you can use EasyPeasy’s bank of games to learn through play.

Let’s Play! This summer, you and your family can travel to the jungle and meet giraffes, hang out with hippos and swing from the treetops alongside monkeys with our ‘Imaginary Safari’ game. Then head off on a ‘Magic Carpet’ ride and get home just in time for ‘Band Practice’. You won’t need a passport for this adventure, just your imagination and some household props! All of our games and activities have been designed to be inexpensive or free to play either in the comfort of your home or out and about.

Tip - All of our games are designed to be played in the real world and lots can be played out and about! Taking a long car journey, train ride to the seaside, on a walk to the shops? Don’t forget to pack your favourite EasyPeasy activity.

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Banish boredom As we all know, the British summertime can offer up a mixed weather bag! When the pitter patter of raindrops begin, finding new activities to entertain young children without screens can sometimes be tough. Parents and carers looking for ways to entertain young children without screens need inspiration, and we’ve got the perfect solution. We’ve designed EasyPeasy with those restless rainy days in mind so you can instantly access new simple and fun games to play with your little ones using nothing but imagination or basic props that can be found around the house.

Tip - You can be safe in the knowledge that these games are proven to develop skills in your children to prepare them for learning at school and beyond.

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No planning required! No extensive planning needed - summer holidays can feel a little overwhelming, with weeks stretching out ahead of you, the worry of how to fill it can creep in. We’ve simplified this conundrum with our simple and accessible evidence-based games that you can access via your phone at any time of the day. We’ll even help you to turn household chores into opportunities to positively interact with your little ones, all whilst helping them grow and develop.

Tip - You can choose your child’s age when you sign-up to ensure you get appropriate content for your little ones! Our content is typically suitable for 2-5 year olds.

Family time The more the merrier is the key to amplifying your EasyPeasy experience. Invite grandparents, friends or loved ones to join in with your playtime! It’s a great way to include everyone in the fun and maximise time together over the summer break.

Tip - Got a birthday party, family bbq coming up or community event coming up? Pick a few EasyPeasy games to play throughout the day to keep creative minds occupied

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