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Having A Very Hap'pea' EasyPeasy Launch Day With Our Friends In Newham

Steph Coleman 19 December 2018


Santa Claus isn’t the only one coming to town! EasyPeasy just landed in Newham at the wonderful Sheringham Nursery School and Children’s Centre. Decked out in our finest Christmas hats our Head Of Education and Community Manager loaded up sacks of EasyPeasy fun ready to turn the volume up on play!

1*yMRrsl6xRqpfre8rT7zO8A Photo Credit C/oEasyPeasy: Jane — Head Of Education, Tatiana Suliga — Pod Leader and Steph — Community Manager

EasyPeasy feel very honoured to have a long and successful relationship with Sheringham Nursery School and Children’s Centre which stretches back to when we were first growing our service. Over the course of the last few years, we’ve delivered inspiration for play to over 300 Families and we’re thrilled that a new Pod launched this week!

The launch event was expertly organised by their highly engaged and creative Pod Leader — Tatiana and supporting Practitioners within the setting. This is the first event of it’s kind at the setting, so our Community team were on hand to help support in the lead up and also on the big day. These sessions are hugely valuable as they allow us to directly engage with the wider Community of Families and Children and offer us the chance to learn more about how we can continue to deliver real value. Importantly it’s also a time to promote positive Parent / carer and Child interactions and share the benefits of learning through play.

Pod promotion

It’s safe to say, that if you say it loud enough, you’re almost guaranteed a great turn out for these types of events. The Practitioners pre-planned the launch day well ahead of time to ensure enough opportunities to promote with the Families who attend the Centre. EasyPeasy provided resources for promotion to the Practitioners and these were handed out and shared in the reception area to remind everyone that EasyPeasy was due to start in the coming weeks.

"During our visit one Parent said that her Son was wearing an EasyPeasy t-shirt which we shared in the lead up to the Pod going live!"

All this engagement paid off! We had a wonderful turnout on the day and met with over 25 Families and Children to chat, play and learn! During our visit one Parent said that her Son was wearing an EasyPeasy t-shirt which we shared in the lead up to the Pod going live! So wonderful to see her Son enjoying playtime both in the nursery and at home. We were thrilled that so many new Families signed up to join the Pod and can’t wait to hear how everyone’s journey unfolds.

1*5za4IvGlcAFuFtDRBBeP1g Photo Credit: C/o EasyPeasy: Promoting EasyPeasy with flyers, leaflets and free t-shirts!

Rock’in around the Pod

This pod absolutely rocked it — we had a steady stream of interested Families drop in throughout the day. We kicked off the morning at 0900am and it was all go until the afternoon. Hosting this kind of ‘drop in’ event within the Nursery setting is very effective as it allows Families to drop by during drop off and pick-up times within a familiar and convenient environment. This dynamic also allowed us to have 1–2–1 conversations with those that were new to the experience and also help anyone that had signed up but needed a bit of extra assistance getting up and running. We noticed that once Families were together they shared lots of interesting tips and experiences to inspire others. It was great to see a Pod Community starting to flourish and one Parent shared how her previous experiences with the service had been so successful that she was joining up again. Peer to peer support and these opportunities to connect are super important and are encouraged via the platform through the Pod Comment feature.

We used the room to also host group conversations when we had large numbers of Families swing by at the same time. This was also helpful as we could demo EasyPeasy to the whole group while answering specific questions and queries.

"It was great to see a Pod Community starting to flourish and one Parent shared how her previous experiences with the service had been so successful that she was joining up again"

All I want for Christmas is to PLAY

One of the most memorable highlights from the day was seeing the Children’s love and desire to play. We set-up a table of props to encourage curiosity and to demo how to use during specific games. Every time a Child walked through the door, they made a beeline for the array of colourful treasure that they could explore. It was wonderful to be able to show Families the game videos and then launch straight into play — one memorable moment focused around a very special ‘Safari’ area that the Pod Leader had created from scratch.

1*kQbPmKN-76Gdb61vGfjOkw Photo Credit C/o EasyPeasy: Ready for Imaginary Safari!

Tatiana had created binoculars from old milk cartons which were then used by the Parents and Children to spot interesting animals and safari creatures. This prop in particular sparked great enthusiasm with not only the Children, but also the Families. One Parent commented that you could do the same thing with cardboard kitchen rolls as this was something they had in the house. EasyPeasy games have been created with accessibility in mind and this goes for any props you might need. The items tend to include paper, tin foil and items of clothing, helping to ensure the ease of play without needing to spend lots of money on extra items.

1*mvjVvGAUub6O8wRDZpQO0w Photo Credit C/o EasyPesy: Playtime!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Pod!

We would like to give a special thanks to all the Families and Children who joined in the fun and to the whole team at Sheringham Nursery School and Children’s Centre for their continued support, hard work and invitation to join the fun.

1*lNTKudBMYqsC-G9CGSiG3Q Photo Credit: C/o EasyPeasy: Feeling festive at the EasyPeasy launch event

If this has inspired you to host your own Community event, EasyPeasy workshops or a Pod launch event then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to get involved.

You can reach out to Steph Coleman — Community Manager directly: for more information and support.


Team EasyPeasy

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