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Ark Priory launch their Pod by pressing ‘Play’ on the home learning environment

Steph Coleman 24 January 2019


3, 2, 1 GO! And we’re off! Ark Priory are the latest early years setting to roll out EasyPeasy’s 20 week programme with their Nursery and Reception provisions. It’s safe to say that we’re thrilled to have received an exclusive invite to this highly anticipated launch event. True to form, Miss Sarah Charlton — EYFS Lead and Practitioner had pulled out all the stops to ensure everyone attending had a real opportunity to engage with the programme and importantly, dial up excitement levels!

1*F5GvpZDY9OkEjslFxekCwQ Photo credit: EasyPeasy Pod Leader - Sarah Charlton & Community Manager - Steph Coleman

We're thrilled to continue building great relationships with the Ark schools we work with and join together to promote our shared vision around Children's learning and development. This Pod launch event hosted by Ark Priory offered another great opportunity to meet *Parents and their Children, have fun playing and also spark positive conversation around the role of the home learning environment.

"A colleague and I watched some of the games together the other day and I seriously had goosebumps. I mean, these are exactly the ideas that Parents need at home!"

The power of play!

EasyPeasy is just about ready to get going for the Parents of Nursery and Reception children at Ark Priory. In the lead up to the event, it's been great to learn more about how much importance Miss Charlton and the other Practitioners at Ark Priory place on the concept of 'play' and in turn, how powerful this can be for development and growth in the early stages of childhood. Miss Charlton has exceptional energy and enthusiasm when discussing how they'll use EasyPeasy within the setting and to inform conversations with those Parents receiving the weekly games: "A colleague and I watched some of the games together the other day and I seriously had goosebumps. I mean, these are exactly the ideas that Parents need at home!" This team know what they're talking about and they aren't the only ones shouting loud and proud about the benefits of Parent playtime with their little ones.

The Department for Education is currently working with businesses and academics to help support Families to Chat, Play and Read to help foster a home learning environment where their Children can thrive and this is something EasyPeasy passionately promote via our service. All of the EasyPeasy games develop key skills such as language, communication, self-regulation, resilience and concentration, and align with the Early Years Foundation Stage early learning goals. With EasyPeasy you are quite literally learning through play!

1*cA3dIUaHkWp5Aoc8GK3d0A Photo Credit: EasyPeasy: Pod Leader - Sarah Charlton, Account & Research Support - Susanne Schlee & Head Of School - Daniela Grasso

"EasyPeasy offers lots of game ideas that are fun AND help with my child's development!"

Let's talk!

Pull up a chair and let's have a chat about EasyPeasy! These conversations are vital in helping new Parents to get acquainted with the programme. Taking the time to sit and have a chat through what they can expect as they begin their journey with EasyPeasy, demonstrate some of the games and understand more about their expectations during Pod launches can help demystify any queries right there and then and help increase empowerment and engagement. These conversations also offer us the opportunity to gain insights and feedback that EasyPeasy can directly learn from. Listening to our Community is essential to ensuring we continue to deliver real value.

Ark Priory's Pod launch had a wonderful turnout and attracted one of the largest attendance rates we've seen to date! We would like to give a special thanks to all the Families and Children who joined in the fun and to the whole team at Ark Priory for their continued support, hard work and invitation to join the fun. We are very pleased to receive a Parent's feedback: "EasyPeasy offers lots of game ideas that are fun AND help with my child's development!"

1*Q3sGlMr-6Mox98rTHPExxw Photo credit EasyPeasy: Parent & Daughter, Pod Leader - Miss Sarah Charlton & Steph - Community Manager

If this has inspired you to host your own Community event, EasyPeasy workshops or a Pod launch event then please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll be happy to get involved.

You can reach out to Steph Coleman - Community Manager directly:[ ](mailto: more information and support.

Thanks, Team EasyPeasy

*Throughout this blog, wherever we refer to "parents" we mean "parents and carers", including for example grandparents and older siblings when they have significant caring responsibilities for children.

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